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SAM is the oldest continuously active professional management organization in the world. It was founded on November 7, 1912, by colleagues of Frederick W. Taylor, the Father of Scientific Modern Management, in New York City.

Over more than a century, the whos-who of the world of business and government have been affiliated with SAM, in various capacities such as speakers, members, and award-recipients, including President Herbert Hoover, President Ronald Reagan, Peter Drucker, J.W. Marriott, Alfred P. Sloan, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, and CEOs of most of the top Fortune 500 companies. In its heydays, SAM had 190 campus chapters and 12,200 student members. If you had a management role in a company or government in America, you probably were a member of SAM.

Today, SAM stands at the interface of fostering engagement, sparking innovation and creating impact. The highly dedicated International Board of Directors of SAM works hard to keep SAM relevant to the demands of the rapidly changing worlds of business management and management education.